One nice thing about Google Groups is that you can use it to search for recent posts by people who interest you. For example, Professor Lessig has posted 10 things to Usenet.

First post: Interstate Commerce (1995). “Congress’ power under the interstate commerce clause … may be thought to depend upon the amount of commerce “in” interstate commerce. Does anyone know of any reliable estimates of that historically?” (No responses.) @#$%#@ Artwork and TCP/IP connections. “I would gladly pay a surcharge to avoid these stupid interruptions.”

Most interesting of all: Bambi Eater is off his rocker. “There’s only one proper consideration here: the harm that’ll surely be caused if he is allowed to develop mind-control technology. All else is abstract, frightful, intellectual hooey.”

Update: Lessig writes to say that this post is not his. (On the other hand, maybe it’s the mind-control technology…)

Snitch’s rebuttal: “I would suggest that you stick with your job at DOJ and keep helping old Ken Starr dig up pornography to show on national television to all our children.”

We are indeed fortunate the Internet provides such easy access to such important information.

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