Sorry for the lack of posting. I’m still alive. Mostly.

On Saturday my skin became hypersensitive. I didn’t want to move; the air rushing across it and the movement of my clothing put me in pain. It slowly got better and after a few days went away enough that it didn’t bother me, but then I got this headache. Whenever I moved or lay down it ached. It got real bad sometimes but it too died down and went away today. But then I got this neck ache. The doctor says I overextended a neck muscle. It hurt so bad this morning that I was screaming and crying. I got some Advil and some sleep and it too went away. (Update: As I write this entry I can feel it coming back.)

But just now, I got locked in the trunk. Literally. It was pretty comfortable — not the smoothest ride, but not bad. And they didn’t cut off my air supply. When they realized I was in there though they sped up and slammed on the breaks. That hurt a little.

Anyway, that’s why I’ve been quiet. Let me know if you have some idea what’s happening to me.

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