Report on the Copyright Office?s Section 1201 Rulemaking Hearings of May 14, 2003.

Yesterday’s proceedings did not present anything out of the ordinary, other than comments by a gentleman named George Ziemann, who attended the panel on behalf of “himself,” stating bluntly that the Copyright Office is “losing its relevance” and that he would rather “donate his copyrights to Leonard Lessig’s [sic] Creative Commons than file for copyright registration with the Copyright Office.” [His comments] spurred some interesting facial expressions from the Copyright Office attorneys.

More, including Brewster Kahle’s comments on archiving software (“you know, when we visit a company like Lotus and show them our copy of their software from 1984 to ask if they can help us decrypt its access control mechanisms, most of the time these guys are like WOW!, COOL!, WE HAVEN?T SEEN THAT THING IN AGES! CAN WE HAVE THAT??”) and the EFF’s comments on corrupted CDs (“the RIAA argued that [being able to play your CDs is] a luxury that consumers to date have incidentally enjoyed”).

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