In previous editions of this series, I explained how to win the election and noted that none of the current candidates came anywhere close. We need someone to swoop in who can seal up the nomination, increase voter turn-out, win over republicans, mobilize the base, and go fiercely head-to-head with Bush. We need Ralph Nader.

Recently I read an article about Ralph Nader’s potential candidacy and couldn’t help but wonder: why doesn’t he run in the democratic primary? True, there are some hard feelings about his effect on the previous election, but I think voters will put that aside if he’s compelling enough. And, of course, running as a democrat ensures it won’t happen again this time.

Here’s what I imagine: Nader becomes a Democratic candidate so he can get more free airtime and a chance to be treated seriously. His name recognition and established base giving him a strong starting point and, after the last election, he can legitimately position himself as the outsider candidate.

Unlike any of the other candidates, he runs a campaign on the issues. I will fight for you! he cries. You’re out of a job, and all Bush can do is give more stuff away to CEOs and rich people. I’m going to give give you tax cuts, health care, college education, and more! It’s believable after his long service as a consumer advocate. He makes it seem like you’d have to be crazy to disagree with him.

He’s an honest candidate you can really believe in. His speeches are moving, his supporters are fanatical. He’s like what people imagine Howard Dean to be, without that pesky problem of the truth (Dean’s against middle class tax cuts, universal health care, gay families, and drug decriminalization).

He pulls stunts and makes sweeping statements to further distinguish himself from the sound-alike attack-Bush candidates we currently have. And, as Michael Moore points out, Nader advocated stronger cockpit doors decades ago — if he had been successful, 9-11 never would have happened.

Nader plays hardball against Bush: “Bush is the man of corporate giveawys. His environmental policy is pollution, his healthy forests policy is logging, his foreign policy is sweetheart deals for Haliburton, his economic plan is tax cuts for the rich — he’s not doing anything for you!”

It’s not too late! Let’s draft Ralph Nader, before the Green Party gets him!

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