The great folks over at Oyez have put together some great goodies including MPEGs of a talk by Lessig and the audio of the Eldred v. Ashcroft oral argument.

In addition to just the MP3s of the argument and decision, they’ve lined the argument up with the transcript so you can get the official text and a picture of who is speaking as you listen to the argument. This uses a new W3C format called SMIL which allows you to create multi-media presentations simply by describing what goes where. It’s really quite nice, and probably the closest we’ll get to a video version since the Court only records audio.

You can get the same treatment for the oral-and-anal-sex-is-protected case, Lawrence v. Texas and numerous cases for previous years. And it’s all under a Creative Commons license, so you can share the MP3s over your favorite P2P system or listen to them on your iPod. If you’re curious about the great folks behind this, you can read Creative Commons’s interview with Jerry Goldman, the founder of Oyez.

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