Now that Saddam has been captured, all the television networks are looking for a way to cash in. Conventional wisdom is that a trial will be way to boring, so here are some alternate proposals that have been floated:

FOX - The Simple Life: Watch as the former dictator patronizingly dismisses American customs like free speech, occasionally non-rigged voting, and working at a fast food restaurant.

NBC - Fear Factor: Watch Saddam eat bugs. Duh.

ABC - Extreme Makeover: Saddam gives tips on how to disguise your self. (Tip 1: Don’t shave.)

CBS - Survivor: How long can Saddam last on a desert island, as his cronies are voted off one by one?

PBS - Charlie Rose: A probing in-depth interview with the former dictator.

Will any of these get picked up? Stay tuned.

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