I wake up with a terrible headache. As I stumble out of bed, my roommate says “Kerry conceded”. “Why?” I respond.

At IHUM, we learn some lessons about schoolwork: “The more difficult you think it is, the better off you are. … The hard way gets As.”

Yesterday the sky was cloudless. Today it’s so cloudfilled it is completely white. I still have a headache.

In the hallways, I overhear one kid suggest we use operant conditioning to educate Republicans, specifically with thugs. He has concluded that democracy just doesn’t work. Ironic, considering he’s a Democrat.

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Greg Palast claims that there was enough fraud in New Mexico and Ohio (particularly with manipulation of provisional ballots, this time) that Kerry would have legitimately won.

Of course, this may just be wishful thinking, and in any case, I realize that there’s no chance that they’ll overturn the election results and have a recount or revote. But for what it’s worth… Kerry Won by Greg Palast.

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