I’ve noticed that it’s easy to get away with not doing the reading and not attending class, without any noticeable difference in performance. This is especially noticeable in IHUM, the required humanities course everyone hates, where people seem to have created tacit conspiracy to collectively not do the work and not call each other on it (this works because students lead the discussions).

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Stanford: Day 50
Stanford: Day 51
Donald Knuth writes Condi Rice
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Stephen Pinker on Uniting Techies and Fuzzies
Stanford: Day 55
Barry Scheck on the Dark Side of Justice
Stanford: Day 56
Stanford: Day 57


Hey now, in the sake of fairness, I didn’t totally hate IHUM. Well, until they started calling me IHUM girl… ;-)

posted by Kat at November 16, 2004 06:47 PM #

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