I sleep in very late but am awoken by an incredibly cute three-year-old child. It’s my cousin Avery. We catch up and play. I love Avery and he loves me. He says he’s packed his bags and he’s coming back out to college with me. I almost wish it were true. I think it’s a little weird that the only people I’m comfortable around are little kids and adults. Maybe I should do the married life thing now and the college thing afterwards?

Avery and his family and everybody sits down for Thanksgiving dinner, at our house this year. Afterwards, I’m invited to go ice skating. It is apparently a family tradition, which I’ve never even heard of before, let alone been invited to. I go, along with Avery and everyone else, and we have a good time.

If this was a private diary I’d probably make some, uh, perceptive comments about my relatives, but I will refrain because when we get to the skating rink I learn that my reputation precedes me. An uncle comments about how I dressed in drag and various comments are made about TGIQ. So I leave the job of commenting on my relatives as an exercise to the reader.

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