February 7

Kat interrupts me from updating this blog and writes a limerick:

There once was a boy named Aaron
Who studies stuff like file sharin’
Though his days were fraught
With lots o’ intense thought
The sight of a Skittle would scare ‘im

I make more verbal errors around Kat than everyone else combined.

February 8

I use the phrase “My friend and I were actually discussing this last night” three times today, with reference to at least two different people, which implies I have at least some friends.

posted February 27, 2005 01:56 AM (Education) (2 comments) #


Stanford: Shocking
Stanford: Sanity
David Horowitz on Academic Freedom
Stanford: Reach Out and Hug Someone
Stanford: Allergic Reactions
Stanford: Limerick
Stanford: Psychology is a Fraud
Jimbo Wales on Wikipedia
Stanford: Roosevelt Institution Kickoff Party
Stanford: You Really Don’t Have To Read This
What can you say to that?


That’s exactly what this world needs. Intellectual/geek limericks. I wrote a one about the RDF data model.

RDF graphs aren’t trees;
Rather, many groups of nodes three.
  The Object of a triple
  Is permissibly literal,
But S is a resource, as is P.

posted by Adam at February 27, 2005 11:58 AM #

Really Pedantic Comment: “‘im” ends with “m”, not “n”… :-#

Here’s something I wrote a while back (and someone else polished), in response to one of those “anti-establishment poems”. I can at least be proud of the fact that it (as well as the original) closely follows the standard limerick stress and rhyme pattern:

Oh Eddy your poems don’t rhyme,
And nor are verses sublime.
  If poems aren’t nice,
  They’re treated as lice;
Th’ Establishment’s guiltless this time.

posted by bi at March 11, 2005 05:24 AM #

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