Jimbo Wales, founder of Wikipedia, came to speak. Amazingly, someone seems to have transcribed his talk and put it on Wikipedia. An excerpt:

[W]e haven’t seen any really formal tests yet in English, and I’m really hoping we’ll see some soon, [but] there was a test done by C’t, which is a big German computer magazine, where they went out and they got experts from different subject domains. And they did a comparison between Wikipedia, Microsoft Encarta the German edition, and Brockhouse Multimedia DVD. ([] Brockhouse is basically the Britannica in German)… [T]hey had experts actually compare the content just for comprehensiveness and things like that, and Wikipedia won hands down.

Some things seem to be missing from the transcript, though, such as Wales’s boast that “we’re big enough now that I could call the New York Times and get on the front page” if someone like Microsoft ever went after them.

After the talk, I follow Wales to his car and chat with him a little. He’s very friendly and nice, he seems like just an average moderately-intelligent guy. He says he’s going off to have dinner with Sergey Brin of Google. I think about suggesting that he ask Brin to host Wikipedia, since Google’s mission is universal access to all the world’s information and Wikipedia is constantly having hosting problems. The next day I find that Google did indeed offer to host Wikipedia.

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Is it irony or coincidence that the Encyclopædia Britannica was started in Scotland, and now we have a person named Wales starting another encyclopaedia? It reminds me of that episode of Futurama when they get stranded on a planet and find the crew of Star Trek there, except that Scotty is nowhere to be found. But an unfamiliar character is there, whose name is Welchy.

How about this online encyclopaedia: http://www.1911encyclopedia.org/

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