January 20 (written during class)

I see a couple talking bout inane things to flirt. At some level, it’s pathetic, two strangers groping in the dark. Yet you know, at another level, you’d probably do the same thing in that situation. Isn’t it just natural? Then why does it seem so sad?

[teenage angst paragraph omitted]

I can say the worst things about the US in my IHUM — we funded genocide, we use globalizations to take control of third world countries, we slaughter those who resist, we give the domestic population meaningless lives — and no one bats an eye. Humph.

My organization is falling apart, all the tasks pushing through the filled notebooks and clogged inboxes. I’ve got to do somthing before I explode from stress. I can only breathe by getting absorbed in some task because real life overwhelms me.

Zimbardo says he once sent his mind control class to visit some cults. Many students wouldn’t come back. They knew it was a lie, they said, but it was more fun than Stanford.

Chelsea Clinton wasn’t in his mind control class, but she did take his Psych 1, which he used as an excuse to meet Bill Clinton.

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