Who’s going to O’Reilly Open Source Software Convention 2002? (Let me know!) I’ll also be putting together a list of session bloggings again, so let me know if you’ll be blogging the conference so I can follow your feed. It looks like I’ll be able to attend this year, and there’s no shortage of cool presentations and people.

A sampling: Aahz, Prescod, Conway, Sergeant, Guido, Fulton, Wall, RMS, Miguel, Lessig, Liam Quin, Greg Stein, Kapil, PSF, Slashdot, Veillard, Trotts, van der Vlist, Stutz, Winstead, EricP, Randal Schwartz, DJ, Jer, Winer, Perens, Aker, St.Laurent.

Plus sessions like: Whose Code is it Anyway?, Writing for O’Reilly, The Semantic Web, Visual Effects of Lord of the Rings.

Bloggers: Ben, Mena, Jeremy, Ask, Matthew Langham.

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