Mena Trott writes:

If, like me, you’re a sucker for illustrations of seemingly insane, flat-headed cats, then you’ll love the cover of O’Reilly’s Essential Blogging.

This is one of the more interesting O’Reilly covers I’ve seen.. I think the big cat symbolizes the Ben/Mena Trott Super-blogging Monster crushing all the other co-authors. I will now leave you in the capable hands of Morbus Iff, master of all things sick, twisted and disgusting.

<Morbus> jesus. that cats huge
<Morbus> he must be like BrainCat of the Mighty Fat Clan.
<Morbus> “i shall assault you with my large forehead”!
<Morbus> “meowwww!”

Now back to Mena and her hilarious childhood comedy routine.

posted June 27, 2002 02:43 PM (Technology) #


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