Salon: Debunking Deep Throat’s debunkers

A hilarious account of attempting to renact the actions of deep throat. “Author’s note: Havill is a different kind of writer from Obst. Obst is laughably bad. Havill is tediously bad. Before tackling the next passages, the reader may require a short nap or a tall coffee. […] Hughes thought he could improve on Havill … But there was another way to view Woodward’s apartment in 1972, and that was by entering the courtyard on one’s hands, proceeding 17.7 feet southeastward, executing a double flip, turning away from the balcony, bending over and looking at the flowerpot upside-down with one’s head between one’s legs. This would be an even steeper angle…”

posted July 03, 2002 01:59 PM (Politics) #


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