I’m still chugging along on my Cocoa app, which I decided to name “Memesh” (a cross between the fabled Memex and the Plesh). I still owe you a better explanation of what it does, but suffice it to say that it’s very much the next round of Blogspace, except as a client app. (I’m sure Mark will say that Tinderbox already does all of it…)

It will store notes, RDF metadata and links between all of them, with a very fast indexed incremental search (like iMail (Tinderbox doesn’t have that yet!) or iTunes) and Web export.

I’m really enjoying the Cocoa environment (if only I could code in Python…) and I’ve got some neat ideas for user interfaces. I’m actually hoping that I can reuse them for a one-off Movable Type client I want to build. (The Web interface quickly gets painful when you’re trying to do live blogging at a conference and the Blogger API won’t let you stick stuff in the extended entry box.)

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