I’m interested in the study of dreams (ala Feynman) so I think I’ll write up the ones that I can remember here (ala jwz, SethS, RobM and others).

I was taking the train somewhere with a bunch of Netscape programmers and noticed Zooko in the back, coming home from Toronto. (I was very happy he was finally back.) He was wearing a T-Shirt that read Mojoey. I asked why the extra “ey” was there and he said it was because it was a living language, like English or Spanish. (This made sense at the time.) I told the Netscape people that I used Chimera and they sounded pleased. I kept looking for Mike Pinkerton, but never found him. I kept wanting to tell Zooko that agl had a lot of email waiting for him but never did. The train stopped and Zooko and I split off at the station, going our separate ways.

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