I find it pretty funny that Google thinks my PGP key is in German and offers to translate.

I know you’re really here for the cows.

Nat: “NOTHING pisses me off more than those endless futile arguments with Python advocates.” It goes both ways of course. I’ve been trying to rid myself of my zealotry/advocacy tendencies for a while now. (I think it’s a lot better, even though it’s still pretty bad.) [via Why I Hate Advocacy by M.J. (Plover)]

Plover gives awesome talks like Mailing List Judo (how to get your patches accepted into Perl). There’s also the thought-provoking Design Patterns Aren’t and the hilarious Identity Function.

Plover: Why Questions Go Unanswered (I think this is the correct answer to the hard-link question.)
Raymond: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way
Raymond: How To Become A Hacker
Google: hack (notice how they all use the “proper definition”)

Hot Corners: I want a way to activate the screen saver purposefully, but my mouse falls into the corners way too often accidentally (Fitt’s Law). Maybe a gesture or a keyboard command would be better.

OSCOM: Open Source COntent Management. Too bad I can’t make it. It’d be nice to tell them about baking and good URIs and HTTP principles and such. Another reason to go to Berkeley. (As if one was needed with the anarchists and meetingpunks around.)

Py: A hip Python zine [Joey]

Get your Pyth on! a funny (does everything have to be hilarious) Get Your War On parody for Pythonistas. (includes cussin’) [Joey]

Peek-a-Booty source is available! Take that, censorware. (official site, boingboing) Peek-a-Booty lets people who get thru to censored sites by letting them go thru other peers who run Peek-a-Booty.

Joey’s open letter to Gene Kan.

Joey explains the meaning of my train dream. agl comments on it too. Is uk:crumbs a bad thing?

Help stress-test BitTorrent. BitTorrent makes large downloads faster by letting you download from other people downloading. (You can download a file without looking at it. Sheesh, some people.)

What?! You haven’t pledged your support for the IMS/ISC .org proposal? Be sure to spread the dot while you’re at it. Look at all those dots waiting to be lit up! If nothing else, do it for bot.

Bernstein on Baking. Tinderbox tracks dependencies cleverly, but looks like it rebakes each time. Nice, it’s done a good job of making this invisible.

I was thinking that DNS should be signed, so it could be mirrored easily and securely and found DNSSEC. How widely is this deployed? Karl Auerback (the voted-in ICANN board member) has put together some Steps to Protect DNS from evil hax0r t3rr0r1sts.

Corporate Crime Explained in comic form by Tom the Dancing Bug (also at uComics). Also check out his explanation why everything that can go wrong will go wrong with essential computers systems. You may know him from the hilarious Library System Terrorizes Publishing Industry (text description). [BoingBoing]

My TiBook is back. Woohoo! Now, what to do with it… Apple was awesome. Even though it was out of warrantee they basically replaced the entire computer ($2200 or so) for only $300. They also replaced a bum AirPort card literally overnight for free, since the computer I used it in was still under warranty.

Farberisms are interesting turns of phrase by Dave Farber of Interesting People, the EFF (donate now!Brad explains why (it’ll change the world!)) and potentially the accidental grandfather of Microsoft’s Palladium DRM system.

Tim “the tool man” Taylor has an extreme webpage. (very short) [Bugzilla]

Free or Proprietary? The Free Software Foundation explains all.

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