Justin Hall wonderfully explains why I hate BoingBoing’s linking straightjacket. (Heh, Cory’s not a blogger but a posting-agent.)

Wow, Justin is on the same wavelength as me: “My chronological text is sprinkled somewhat with links, mostly to my own pages introducing subjects.” That’s the idea behind my blogging/note-taking projects, most recently Memesh. He agrees about building hypertextual webs and such, something I think bloggers would do a wonderful job of if the tools made it easier.

As something of an aside, the solution to the categorization problem is all of the above. Don’t build hierarchies, build Webs. Link something to everything relevant in back. Don’t put something in one category, but discuss how it relates to all of them. Everything is deeply intertwingled and we all too often forget that.

[It’s funny how I found this. I was reading BoingBoing and noticed Cory’s cite to my blog and wondered what he thought of my obscure one-sentence entry style (which I’ve now removed). And here’s the answer: “seems to be targetted at someone with more attention-span than I have — someone with the spare time to follow links without knowing what’s on the other end of them.”]

[Ooh, Cory’s blogging me the same time I’m blogging him.]

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