I’m returning some memory from Crucial.com and I’m reminded of just how much a joy their website is to use. Everything’s very clearly been designed to be as usable as possible, including little tips like “Double-check to make sure all your power cords are plugged in. (And don’t be embarrassed if you realize your system is unplugged—it happens all the time.)”

I wish there was something this nice for registering domain names. I currently use Gandi, and although they’re the best, it’s mainly because their competition is so incredibly bad! I will pay a premium for a site that’s usable, because it makes my day just so much better.

I wish webchick would start a domain registrar — her site designs are so beautiful I’m sure it would be a delight to work with. Too bad she and Carl can’t because of their dot-org struggle — they don’t want to be seen as competing with their customers, the registrars. Ugh, stupid politics.

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