Check out John Zulauf’s hilarious Rube Goldberg-style DRM system. [Seth]

“attach book (B) to door (D) of cage (C) containing trained attack rabbit
(R) by string (S)… when a potential infringer (ie. our customer) (I)
attempts to copy book (B) without use of authorized carrot (AC) pacificy
rabbit (R) or cutting the string (S) with authourized scissors (AS) rabbit
(R) will be released”

Of course then carrots and scissors would be circumvention devices
(infringer’s “crowbars”), and no information on knot tying or untying would
be published — especially in the Boy Scout handbook which is clearly not
part of the “legitimate press.” Further the legend of the “gordian knot”
would have to be edited to remove the functional code of “Alexander’s
solution” (for which a patent is now pending, the prior art being only
mythical in nature).

But can you take the attack rabbit on an airplane?

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