I am writing this, rather surprisingly, form my TiBook. yesterday I accidentally spilled a glass of water on its right side. At first I thought I could just wipe it off and I’d be fine, but soon I noticed that the backlighting on the screen had died. I tried to turn the machine off but of course the rather drenched power button didn’t work. I pulled out the battery instead.

I let it dry out for a day and then tried to turn it on tonight. It works, but there’s no backlight, which makes it rather hard to use. (Although, it’s still usable, since I was able to write this…) ANyone have any suggestions? I’ve tried to blow on it with a hairdryer for a while with no success and I suspecct that I’ll need to send it in. But I’m still hopeful that I can stop the short if I let it dry out enough… Anyway, please email me if you have any bright suggestions. Thanks.

posted August 10, 2002 10:23 PM (Personal) #


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