DO THIS NOW: Call your representative, ask them not to go to war

Lisa Rein: Camping Out at Eldred

Illegal Art, the intersection of the First Amendment and copyright law.

Richard Koman, Riding along with the Internet Bookmobile

Alderson Reporting sells a full transcript of the Eldred v. Ashcroft case. You can get a copy for around $200 by calling (202) 289-2260. If you call please let me know exactly how much it costs. I’d also like it if you sent me a copy.

The New York Times ran excerpts from the case in today’s paper, under the headline “Excerpts From Arguments in Copyright Case”. I can’t find it online.

My friend Sean B. Palmer has his own new weblog, Miscoranda. A piece that makes me blush. Steven Levy said he liked my article; that makes me blush too.

The Mouse Is Not Yet Free.

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