CNN: Senate approves Iraq war resolution. ‘The president praised the congressional action, declaring “America speaks with one voice.”’

I’m not sure how the president can call it one voice when half of America does not want to go to war.

Miguel sent an email expressing his support to stop the war. He also told me about an article talking about how we have failed to learn from history. He wrote: “most dumb laws are passed before an election and when there is a rush and no time to inform the American public, whoever takes the most hard-line position wins. The same thing happening now in congress.” Thanks, Miguel!

I wish I had known that such horrible things were going to happen while I was D.C.; I might have been able to join some protests or something. I feel powerless, perhaps I should move to another country. However, I am heartened that my senator voted nay, I wonder if my fax last night may have done some good.

Back to the mouse…

I was rather surprised when I received a spam which began “Free Mickey”. But the next words turned out to be “Mantle cards”.

The New York Times ran an editorial asking the court to overturn CTEA. I’ll also note that Lessig called the act “Sateeya”, like some old female friend. They sure have spent a lot of time together.

On a totally different note…

My name is Tony Hawk, I’m a professional skateboarder.
Congrats to Wired for switching to an fully-standards-complaint XHTML Layout.

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