Curious Yellow. There, I said it. I’ve been struggling over whether or not to say that for a while now. CY s the story of the superworm. The Really Big One. Full plans on how to take over the Internet in a matter of minutes, not get caught, and use it for whatever you like.

At a technical level, it’s a fascinating application of decentralized networks. At an emotional level, it’s a thrilling battle between two superpowers (along the lines of that in True Names, but far more likely). At a practical level, if it actually happened it could be a really big mess. And at a writing level, it’s a fun and humorous story to read.

It’s got lines like “Naturally, once an anti-virus patch for the worm becomes publicly available on the Internet, Curious Yellow will cause that site to disappear from the Internet.” and “[The anonymous network created by CY] would be a boon to the usual cast of characters that could benefit from anonymous communication, such as people attempting to escape human-rights-violating regimes, international terrorists, and music fans.”

So go read it now and find out how you can take over the whole Internet. And if you’re going to, could you give me 24 hours notice? Thanks.

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