As you can probably already see (if not, force-reload or visit the site), my new redesign is up. My birthday’s coming up too, you know.

The design is my own (although it takes inspiration from Tufte, the CSS WG and others). It was implemented entirely by changing the stylesheets. Some of the more advanced features (like parenthesizing the subheaders) only work in up-to-standards browsers like Mozilla. Others (like Gill Sans) only work on OS X.

Goals: more content, more whitespace, more Gill Sans, more clarity.

My homepage has also been rewritten, providing a clearer focus on what I’ve done, who I am, how to talk to me and what I’m doing.

I’ve also put up a retrospective of my homepages, going back to my disgusting 1999 affair. (Thanks, Web Archive!)

I think everything should still be working, but if you notice any glitches let me know. I am in desperate need of a button that says “Viewed Best in Gill Sans”, set in Gill Sans (of course!).

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