I don’t really have time right now to remix this Valenti speech (7.6M MP3), but if I did, here’s what I’d have him say:

there’s a larger darker issue here: the power to roooooam the internet. the power to take it down. it’s more than i deserve.

the digital millenium copyright act will take down movies by the long ton. we got it thru the congress through trickery and treachery and duplicity. we have no larger objective than to bring down the world, free of charge.

i never felt comfortable with coding myself to be honest with you. i can’t live in this world of zeroes and ones. i’m one of the rubes, and the rabble and the unsophisticated and the unlearned. it’s a moral imperative to sacrifice me. it’s not wroooong to do that.

it’s trying to protect the vitality of every boy over the age of 13 who sees violence, sex, and language. it may sound idealistic but it’s a guardian of younger people.

i could destroy your creative commons in the twinkling of an eye. we’re going to ask the register of copyrights, the federal communications comission to stop your whining.

and the politicians, those people who govern us without paying for it sure as hell have been bought. i’m a political animal that played fast and loose, doing darker things. the ultimate goal is to own lessig.

thank you

If you’re interested in doing it, post a comment. I did a rough cut of the first paragraph, but it’s very difficult with the tools I have.

posted March 07, 2003 11:28 AM (Politics) #


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