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Announcer: Let us welcome Jack Valenti. [applause]

Let’s talk about fair use. What is fair use? Fair use is dead. Why? Why is that so? There are copyright laws in this country (the Digital Millenium Copyright Act). They are unfair and unwise and unwieldy and absolutely, it gives me all this power. Cooool.

Why is it so? We changed the law. It cost 400,000; copyright lasts forever! In the Eldred decision where the judiciary could buy a Mercedes or a Volvo — it’s the biggest bargain on Earth! Larry Lessig, well he was pretty crestfallen, but I have no problem with that.

The Hollings Bill. I feel very passionately about it. Now the hollings bill is kind of like the slow undoing of the american dream. which is very important.

But there’s a larger darker issue here: the students who go see a 100 million dollar movie without consulting with me. They ought to be aw dammit, ’cause guess what, I’m an animal and soil my young friends without any protection. [cough] Excuse me.

Let me tell you why we have regional codes: unbounded avarice! Words that really illuminate the movie industry, that previously hid behind doors closed to all but a few. Examine all the law cases, and guess what: these systems produce vast benefits to corporate executives. Guess whose gonna do the most business? politicans, those people who find technology to be a big ass problem.

400,000. Some of those who have more got theirs thru trickery, treachery, and the interlacing of digital technology and the copyright act. It was easy to do: 99.9% — everybody in the country — never argued, nobody bothered. [valenti laughs, gets serious]

But I must tell you: I said on the supreme court: pack up everything — digital and analog — and stuff inside the encyrption into their digital hard drive. Can we do that? Is that possible? Who wants a free pass to every movie in America? 400,000. and access to movies as well, free of charge.

I’m pleased to report the result: if I don’t choose for you to sample it, you do not use it — never! Copyright, it lasts forever. Now that’s the state of affairs today.


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