CNN: The cafeteria menus in the three House office buildings changed the name of “french fries” to “freedom fries”

What is going on here? Why are people so mad that the French are offering their honest opinion after we asked for it?

Analogy: George wants to beat up on Sam, but decides to go ask Cher what she thinks first. Cher says she wouldn’t support beating up Sam. I can see why George might try to convince Cher to come around, but what reason is there for him to grab Cher in a headlock until she agrees to say he should beat up Sam?

We asked the UN Security Council for their support, and they refused. You may disagree with them, but how is what they’re doing wrong or disgraceful or something to get angry about?

I similarly don’t understand Bush’s argument that if the Security Council doesn’t support what they say or enforce their resolutions, they become irrelevant or ignorable. As an example, Israel is ignoring dozens of Security Council resolutions (as are many other countries). If anything, it would seem the opposite would be true: if the Security Council supported everything Bush said, they would certainly be irrelevant. We could just ask Bush to make resolutions instead.

It seems reprehensible that our elected officials are acting so petty.

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