Son: Father, can I get this video game.
Father: Not now, I’m in the middle of something.
Son: But why not?
Father: I’m in the middle of something!
Son: Please! I’ll pay for it.
Father: Hold on!
Son: But you haven’t even looked at it!

…later, to Mother…

Father: Son is being such a brat lately. He always insists on getting his way.
Mother: I know, we’ll just have to stand firm and show him that whining doesn’t work.

…enough time later that the hypocrisy isn’t immediately evident…

Father: Son, help me build this bookcase.
Son: I’m in the middle of something!
Father: I said help me! Do it right now or I’ll take away your bed.
Son: I’m in the middle of something!
Father: Fine, I’ll take away your bed!
Son: Hold on!

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