Want to go on a Joss Quest like mine? This timeline guide will help you — it lists the intended airdates for all three Buffyverse shows (Buffy, Angel, and Miracles) so that you can see things play out in the proper order.

What’s that you say? Miracles doesn’t take place in the Buffyverse? I beg to differ. I have a new page making the case that Angel Season 4 explains what goes on in Miracles Season 1 (WARNING: spoilers for Miracles 1x06 and Angel 4x21).

Oh, and for extra fun here are some comments and complaints about the Buffy Series Finale (7x22) (WARNING: spoils Buffy 7x22 — duh).

Don’t hesitate to respond.

posted June 02, 2003 04:13 PM (TV) #


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