Both at our hotel in Vancouver and here at the Vancouver Airport, YVR, they’ve had free Internet with no annoying splash screen or any custom nonsense. Just plug in (or at the airport, wirelessly connect) and get real IP service.

Update: GlennF writes “It’s actually not exactly free. It’s free for you. But Nokia, which unwired the airport years ago, actually writes a check to YVR on a regular basis because the contract provided for minimum payments regardless of revenue! ha, ha.”

Update: The Internet even works from the plane!

The airport, by the way, is beautiful. Even the gates are artistic with elegantly hung lights in an artistic pattern and chairs that look like something stylish from Ikea. This country is great; if only it had a stronger bill of rights.

For example, in the US we have two religious freedoms: the government can’t establish a religion nor prevent the free exercise of one. Canada doesn’t seem to have the first: the Charter starts “Whereas Canada is founded upon principles that recognize the supremacy of God”! (Imagine what Michael Newdow would think of that…) And their libel laws appear to be stronger than their right to freedom of expression: apparently while we were here someone was arrested for making offensive remarks about the Jews.

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