I got up three hours early this morning to record a fifteen minute interview which will be cut down to a three minute piece for NPR’s Day to Day. It’s about worms and viruses and aired today: Hacker Culture and Computer Viruses. From a quick listen I sound pretty bad, but not too bad. I noticed my hand was shaking throughout the interview.

I’m not sure how they found me, but I bet it’s Cory’s fault. Xeni wrote a bit about them on BoingBoing: “The show as only been on the air for a few weeks, but they’re doing some really interesting coverage on blogs, emerging technology, and how the geek world impacts pop culture in general. It’s a great program so far, and I’m looking forward to watching how it grows. I was on the show today […]”.

I think it’s good that they’re covering this stuff, but sometimes I wish news orgs covered a little more of the technology rather than the social aspects. I’m mindful of mjd’s warning about Wired: “I knew that no matter how little informative content I actually included, it would be too much—they would assiduously remove all actual information from my article, and the result would be a piece which would give the reader a warm fealing of having understood, but without actually imparting anything else of value. That’s what Wired is about: The illusion of knowledge without any of the difficult bits.”

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