(Update 2003-09-05: I’m feeling pretty much all better, although my balance is a little shakey.)

On Friday I had my first day of school. On Saturday my skin became hypersensitive again. On Sunday it slowly got better but I noticed I had a navigation problem where my head thought I was about 15 degrees more downward than I really was. This didn’t really affect anything and was sort of fun, so I pretty much ignored it.. Yesterday (Monday) I went to school again and it all pretty much went away except for a tension headache/neckache that came on strongly that night.

Late last night I was reading something close on my computer screen. I leaned back and everything changed.

Apparently something in my brain’s navigational system blew. It seems to think everything is falling to the right. It tells my eyes to continually move quickly to the right. When I walk, it tries to pull me all over the place. The combination of the two trips my nausea sensor and makes me throw up anything I might still have in my stomach. And when I move my head to the right, it feels like a giant superfast whoosh. When I move it to the left it takes extra effort.

Hopefully the doctor will be able to help. Until then, excuse my absence, this constant eye movement makes it hard to do much.

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