Hello from CFP. Dan Gillmor just said hi and handed me a page of the San Jose Mercury News with my name on it — literally:

From Mercury News | 04/21/2004 | Can Blackberry streamline S.F. government? [req. free reg.]:

What about the IPO?: Some Google watchers are, how can we say this nicely, a bit obsessed? Earlier this month, a blogger named Aaron Swartz notified the e-mail list of his Google Weblog of an exclusive, and posted a link to an archived photo of Google co-founder Sergey Brin in drag, striking a pose with a long black wig and a white dress with ruffles, sometime during his studies at Stanford University (http://google.blogspace.com/archives/001199).

In his posting, Swartz wrote, “Privacy advocates have often discussed Google allows your past to haunt you. Any careless mistake or childish prank is preserved on the Internet, forever …”

Swartz did not respond to e-mail messages for comment. David Krane, a spokesman for the Mountain View search-engine company, confirmed that the photo is indeed Brin, now 30, and that Brin was aware of the blog, which many Google staffers read on a regular basis.

(Guess I should’ve checked my email more often!)

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