New York Times: “Williams Proclaims: ‘I Am Not a Serial Killer’”
Washington Post: “‘Serial Killer’ Charge Key to Williams Campaign”
USA Today: “President Roberts, Serial Killer?”
Fox News: “Exclusive: Grisly Murders of President Roberts”

NYT: “Roberts Asks For Williams Retraction”
Post: “Prez Says Williams’s Charge is ‘Outrageous’”
USA: “Roberts ‘Outraged’ at Williams”
Fox: “Roberts Fails to Deny Charges”

NYT: “Williams: ‘Not a Serial Killer’”
Post: “Williams Denies All Charges”
USA: “Americans Question Williams’s Denial”
Fox: “Denial: Another Williams Flip-Flop”

NYT: “Attorney General: ‘Not a Serial Killer’”
Post: “Atty. Gen. Denounces Charge”
USA: “Atty. Gen. Joins Political Fray”
Fox: “Was Atty. Gen. Bought Off?”

NYT: “As Polls Open, Views Differ On Serial Killer Issue”
Post: “Williams Stands Firm on ‘Serial Killer’ Charge”
USA: “Americans Wonder: Can I Support a Serial Killer?”
Fox: “New Evidence Emerges: Was Roberts a Mass-Murderer?”

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Few national newspapers would put abbreviations in headlines!

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