I think it’s awful that OSCON doesn’t have a scheduled key signing party. I thought about submitting it as a BOF but I wasn’t sure anyone would come and there are already interesting BOFs every night. Here’s the blurb:

Come meet other hackers, geeks and paranoid crypto-anarchists for a night of “can I see your passport?” and “how do I know you’re not a double sent by the FBI to fake me out?” That’s right, it’s a key signing party! Asymetric keys may be able to give you privacy on the Internet and verify the validity of electronic documents, but it won’t be perfectly secure until you get you join in on the Web of Trust. You’ll get an opportunity to make new friends and increase your digital popularity without the awkwardness of going up to strangers asking “Hi, will you sign my key?”

To join, just grab your PGP or GPGP key… What’s that you say? You don’t have one? Try downloading PGP or GPG from http://www.pgpi.org/ or http://www.gnupg.org/ and generate one today. Ok, now that you’ve got one, send a copy to the organizer (me@aaronsw.com) and he’ll add you to the list. Soon before the party, he’ll send you further instructions on what to do to prepare. Then, simply show up the night of the party with some paper or a laptop and follow the simple instructions. Couldn’t be easier! See you there.

Anyone interested in coming? Let me know. Maybe I can find a non-BOF time to hold this… (conference timing is so crazy, though)

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