Behind the Scenes: The Minority Report Trailer Who knew that making trailers could be so funny?

The W3C’s XML Activity Lead is giving a talk on simplifying XML. Is there a problem yet?

EyeTV is a software PVR (like TiVo or ReplayTV) for the Mac. It looks pretty well designed (although matching the TiVo’s incredible ease-of-use would be a feat) and is probably the only way I’d ever watch TV.

I decided to volunteer for the EFF because I don’t really have enough money to effectively donate even though I continually encourage others to donate. I figured that in order to stop seeming hypocritical I should volunteer myself. I strongly support the work they do on many fronts to protect our rights online. Potentially helping all the great people that work there is a plus.

Public Service Announcement: Dry ice is fun. Pick up some at your local ice cream parlor.

ISPs ask users to take copyrighted content down. This is interesting. It’s certainly a lot better than shutting the networks themselves down. I wonder how people will fight back. Obviously this won’t stop the problem, but it might cause networks to start implementing Peek-a-Booty-style security (making searchers execute some sort of challeng difficult for machines). A web-of-trust solution (you have to be certified as cool before you download) would also be interesting.

I couldn’t believe that Software Update on OS X had no security but now that there’s a patch (HTTPS server) (also available via Software Update) I guess it must be true. It looks like the update just uses checksums which doesn’t sound very secure to me. Really, how hard is it to use digital signatures these days? OS X already comes with a ton of security stuff, you’d think this wouldn’t be hard to add.

A beautiful rant from Morbus Iff on beauty in file formats. (short)

McCusker: “Being compared to Knuth is scary though, since he’s a god of computer science, and I’m more like a game show host.” [cite]

Cocoa is talking to Movable Type! Woof! However, I’m not sure if I should ask for a nicer Movable Type API or do more scraping. I might write my own but it would probably be in Python, which I don’t really want to require with my code and it’s unlikely I could get it included with the standard distribution. Hm.

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