Looks like iTools is down for the .mac transition.

I’m listening to the Apple’s Earnings Call and all I can think is “that switchboard guy sounds like Derek Powazek.

Two new switchers: Ellen Feiss (“It, like, devoured my paper […] I’m a student”), Tess Bethune (“I’m kinda seduced by good looking things [… the iBook has] increased my functionality in everything I do […] I design clothing and quilts”).

What’s with this crazy cover image for Weaving the Web? Heh, I just listened to the audio sample. He reads so slowly… they must have given him a sedative or something. Argh, but why do they waste half the audio sample on intro music?

Amazon.com Web Services. Obviously inspired by Google (kits, tokens, etc.). FAQ: “There are two ways in which you can use Amazon.com Web Services: 1) an XML over HTTP interface […] We didn’t want to force people to use a protocol they were not comfortable using.” They’ll even do server-side XSLT for you.

“The first Web services that we have exposed are: Product Display: The ability to search for and retrieve product information from the Amazon.com catalog and Shopping Cart: The ability to add Amazon.com products to shopping carts, wish lists, and registries from third party locations.” They even use GET and POST correctly. Right on!

Mark Bernstein’s notes on Interstital Arts remind me Ursula K. LeGuin’s rant on genres.

A beautiful memoir on a young daughter…

Uh oh, Zooko and MNet are being infiltrated by the secret Twisted org. Careful, Zooko! And whatever you do… don’t leave them alone with Irby!

“133 sites have helped spread the dot, 278 real people have voiced their support. At this rate of growth, our team of crack actuarial scientists is projecting unanimous support for the IMS/ISC .org bid by the time ICANN announces their results.”

My email to Gene Kan bounced.

Poor Kragen. I wish I could do something to help, but he’s probably heard any advice I have to give.

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