I’m watching the MacWorld New York 2002 Keynote — MPEG4 stream crashes QuickTime, guess I’ll file a bug report. Hey, I’ll blog it below.

Also: MacCentral.

Opening songs: Good Vibrations. [Some other Beach Boys song.]

Ellen Feiss ad. New Switch kid ad playing with CDs on an iPod. Another new one… playing bills. lol! “All you can do with an parfait is eat it and poop it out.” - Will Ferril (“I’m a porn actor”).

Steve enters. Have real people tell their stories. 1.7M visitors to apple/switch, 60% on Windows. Move2Mac, software to suck preferences from PC to Mac. Response is off the charts, there will be a lot more of it. 100,000 visitors to stores per week. 2 Macworlds a week of visitors. [Pic of one guy buying 25 iBooks] Some are buying more than one computer. Opening 32nd store tomorrow: Apple SoHo. Proud to be in New York. Station A, opens tomorrow at 8. Looks different than other stores. Very cool.

2.5M active OS X users. Extends line to 5M active users by end of the year. 77% of Mac buyers keep OS X default boot setting. 20% of installed base by the end of the year — 24 mos. Fastest OS transition in history. Maya 4.5 announced at Macworld. Why? Mac is 25% of their business in 9 mos. Blizzard coming out with Warcraft simultaneous for OS X and Windows. Really want gamers on the Mac. Adobe has elements and works with iPhoto. Rob Glaser up! RealOne on OS x. Available in beta today. Smoothest playback on any platform. Download now.

Jag-wire officially announced today. CD uses new font with fur-covered X logo. 150+ new major features. Biggest UNIX guy in the world. FreeBSD 4.4 and other new UNIX features. Also doing work for Windows. SMB browsing, VPN support and other Windows network compatibility. Multi-threading finder, spring-loaded folders. Integrated search. [Demo] “[Normal way] works fine but some people want another way [spring loaded folders].” “Find all my Didot fonts in a split-second.” Even shows path information. Desktop picture preference panel, shows off kid photos, sets it to change. 5-second change is obviously for demos. “While I’m working, my kids can be with me all day long.” “I know some of you out there are using a semi-transparent terminal, I can see my kids even thru my work.” [Launches a non-transparent terminal.]

QuickTime 6. Released a day and a half ago. Already over 1 million downloads. First MPEG4 solution out there. “These standards are really important, they bind our indsutry together.” Live QuickTime stream. “Hello in iceleand! […] There are just as many people watching online [50,000] half are using mpeg4” Does a taste-test… tabbing back and forth between uncompressed CD and AAC audio. Indistinguishable to me and Phil. Does similar with movie. Instant-on streaming of some surf music video (“I’m gonna soak up the sun”). Very responsive. Just like local machine.

Sherlock 3. Completely evolved Sherlock for Internet [I think he means Web] Services. Mostly B2B (“high-faluting”) now but what about for the rest of us? That’s Sherlock. Checks his stocks (AAPL, Pixar, MSFT)… “what’s going on??? Oh, market hasn’t opened yet. I panicked.” Can see stock charts. Everything in one window. Does some movies. Plays minority report trailer. Searches ebay, shows pictures. Tracks his Yankee auctions automatically. searches for Joe diMagio pics. Searches Homer Simpson, favorite is the brain photo. Yellow Pages is coolest, searches for some sushi (for after the keynote) sorts by distance and gets a map.

Inkwell. Newton group (handwriting rec?) still around, integrated into the text foundations. No training, write in any app.

Rendezvous is biggest thing for him. Automatically discover other things, any IP network. Zero-config. Works over Airport. [Demo] Uses iTunes, coming 6-9 mos. to iTunes. plays a song from his own library. Wants to access playlists on that other computer. Doesnt’ know how to use file sharing. Phil opens up his PowerBook, other computer sees his library via AirPort and plays whatever songs he wants. Phil closes his computer and the music stops. Streaming, not copying. Phil comes back and Steve plays another song. This is just the beginning. Pioneered as part of IETF (“that’s a standards organization”) and “it’s totally open. No one is going to own rendezvous.” Big deal. Configuring a network printer is a bear. Epson, HP and Lexmark are all going to build rendezvous into their network printers. Just the beginning of the floodgate. Demos HP printer. (Phil says Jaguar right.) No printer selected, so he plugs in his printer to the Ethernet and it automatically grabs the IP settings and the computer finds the printer and it does self-discovery, tells what it can do (print) and what type it is (LasterJet). “Paper is now coming out of the printer.” No config (“ever again” says Steve).

Mail. All mailbox searching. Sophisticated rules. Multiple accounts seamlessly. Junk mail. “No one has a solution. We think we might have” Adaptive Semantic Analysis. It’s really good, you can teach it to be even better. Sounds like a client-side SpamAssassin w/ learning. Threads highlighted. Easy to add rules. Searches every mailbox. Easy to find stuff. Even plays QuickTime movies inline. Spam is “really a drag”. Go to Mail->Junk and shipped in Training mode. Turns junk brown. (most of his entire mailbox) Really, really good out of the box. Correct it when it makes mistakes. Doesn’t move mail, just marks. Then when it’s good, set to automatic mode and it moves all the junk into the junk mail photo. (Doesn’t. oops.) Apple is blown away at how well it works.

Address Book. Older versions were not great. We’ve made it really, really great. Unified all the people databases — one place, open APIs so any app can use it. Wonderful app to use for it. Very simple, but quite sophisticated (handles groups, LDAP, very easy to find things. Easy to edit, just tab around the fancy display. Cleans it up when you’re done editing. Searches for phil. Rolls over vacation house, right-lcicks and gets a map in Mapquest. Right-lcick for public folder, mac.com page, send email. (Reading from notes.) Coolest things is to pick work fax get fax number in large type for going across the room. bluetooth support integrated into jaguar, bluetooth builltinto cell phone. Dials phone to call Phil. Transmits via Bluetooth. Phils phone rings. When Phil calls, takes caller ID and puts phil’s name up on the screen. sends phil to voicemail… no wait, sends SMS reply saying he’s busy.

iChat. IM in Jaguar. Biggest community. Uses mac.com emails. Rendezvous in iChat. Finds other people… if you’re in a meeting it’ll build a buddy list of all the other computers. [Demo] Blip noise. Fred asks where dinner is tonight. Fred wants to go to Britney’s restaurant. Steve apparently doesn’t. Finds map of Tribeca Grill in address book, right-clicks gets a map. Phil’s not in his buddy list! Builds a rendezvous buddy list, and it picks up Phil. Drag and drop the map image onto Phil and it transfers. “It’s that simple.” phils sends a photo, saves to desktop opens. “Best IM experience in the world.”

Much-better Universal Access. 3 techs for communicating, 3 built-in techs, 3 for finding things. Jaguar costs $129 —- less than a dollar per feature. On shelves early. Sept. 32 to August 24 — five weeks. being earlty is rare in software. Up-to-date program, $20 if you’ve jsut bought a machine. OS X benefits apple most, thwey innovate faster.

iTools extends your digitasl life. Doubled subscribers in the year to 2.2M users. World is changing, tho. free services are going away. Can’t get this stuff for free anymore. We have to reflect this. iTools is going away. Replacing it form .mac. “Now where did we get this name?” MS is talking about all these .net internet services. iTools has done this all along. We’re delivering! We’ll call it .mac! IMAP, POP and Webmail. iDisk expanded to 100MB. Really fast. Esp on Jaguar. Password protection for photos. Adding some really good back-up software which suggests what you should back up to iDisk, CD and DVD. Anti-virus software from McAfee. All constitute first .mac release. Would cost $200 separately. $99 per year. $49 for first year for current subscribers. [Feed drops out.]

iCal. [.missed stuff] iCal hosting. People get to see your calendar on a webpage. But wait. need to integrate with your own calendar. built-in subscription. click on calendar url gets panel asking if he wants to refresh it. See your calendar with the rest of his. Can resolves overlaps automatically. Adds kids calendars. Easy to search on them. Publish automatically. push one button to publish. can send emails to colleagues, visit page in browser. look at it by day week or month. Get calendars in email for summer school. just click on the link and you get the subscription panel. refresh every day. Even get calendars over iChat. So much easier to manage. One-button publish. one-button subscribe. Ships in September. Free download at Apple.com.

Digital Hub. incredible apps. marry them to the devices for astounding results. Nothing like this in the windows world. 4M copies of iPhoto, one of most popular apps. iTunes and iPod made Apple first computer company to win a grammy. 14M copies of iTunes 2 in 18 mos. now iTunes 3, launched today. Now you can rate music (0-5 stars) and get play counts. Also sound check which sets songs to the same playback volume. Audible.com support. buy content, highly recommends robin williams content. even keeps track of where you left out. Huge: purple playlists — what are these? These are smart playlists. they put music in all by themselves. set them up with rules. “I want a playlist that always has my 25 most played.” Make a simple rule to do it. (Yes! I need to work in the iApp dept.) Pick 50 random songs. Or a gigabyte of songs I’ve never heard so i can put them on my iPod. [Demo] “I love Bob Dylan.” Only for X. Free download starting today.

iPod. Lowering all prices by $100. Made 10GB even thinner! 10% thinner, a lot in a pocket. totally new solid state scroll wheel. no moving parts. feels like glass. so coool. Little door to protect your firewire. a remote, headphones, volume, play/pause. case w/ beltclip. 20GB iPod. 4000 songs. $499. 3 iPod models. Added Genre and composer. “I want to find Bach and not the performer.” Playcounts get added from iPod to iTunes. Smart playlists, sound checks, audible.com, bookmark roundtripping. New menu structure: browse. by artist, album, song, genre or composer. Extras: Contacts, Calendar, Calendars (any iCal-standard calendars. scroll right thru the days and the months. see all the appointments, read the notes. Big Clock, Game (very accessible, don’t have to look for it anymore). Accessories (case, headphones, remote) $39 each for current iPod owners. One more ^little thing. Quotes Haddad saying iPod can steal windows fans. iPod for Windows. Partnered with musicmatch music player. autosyncs with musicmatch. It’s not iTunes, but it’s the best for Windows. Same models, same prices. even special firewire connector. Be available late august, taking care of mac customers first.

Groundbreaking app: iSync. Got the best calendar, best address book. but what about when you’re not on the mac? Not-your-father’s-cell phones. GPRS for data. color screens. organziers. address books and calendars waiting for data. support SyncML (it’s a good standard) and have Bluetooth built in. So cool, we want to add it to the digital hub and also the Palm while we’re at it plus the iPod. iPod, phones and PDAs all sync thru iSync. Enter the data on the big keyboard, transfer to the phone. If you iSync you lose your phone but not your life (data). Go buy a new phone, just sync it up in secs. Very simple interface. Calls Avie for demo. “Well that’s Avie’s beep… he’s a little strange.” called mac to mobile. beginning of something really big with a new era of cell phones. going to be something really really good. big guy is sony ericsson, president here today.

“I was immediately convinced that this was a wonderful opportunity.” best mobile phone syncs seamlessly. apple is a leader in easy-to-use connectivity. products complement each other very well. great to have cingular helping out. …very excited. important milestone. dream of easy wireless connectivity. “this is just the first example of what we can do together. the range of apps will be more impressive in the future. this is only the beginning of a fascinating journey. watch this space.”
They’re right. We’re working so well and we’re just at the beginning. Be able to sync up certain iPhoto albums, etc., etc. Third part is the network, cingular wireless president:

We believe in the power of expression. you think different. it makes sense to come together. we’re on the dawn of a new era, wireless is no longer about voice exclusively. key is that the networks are changing. investing billions in new network with always on capability. EDGE can provide 150K/sec. that’s coming. then there’s the “who gives a damn? factor” we need developers. and there are tons! nearly 5000 enrolled developers. But when steve called we really got excited. this may not be the killer app but it comes a darn sight close. very excited about open standards. all this stuff coming together, but we need open standards. we applaude apple and sony ericsson for adopting them. we need to make the complex simple, which is at the heart of apple’s philosophy. buy lots of gprs phones!

we are adding the phone to the digital hub. big deal.

one other time to sync. and that’s work to home. how many people change something at work and want it at home? With .mac you can sunc between all of your computers. sync to .mac internet server before you leave, sync home machine when you get home. address books and calendars. mac to mobile. iSync runs on Jaguar. avilable in sept. free download. try it out.

Great part of digital hub is the apps and they’re all written at apple. iSync will open a whole new door of apps for us. 9 apps. bundled or free. nothing like them on win. this is why you should switch, it’s going to be big.

One more thing… the iMac. iMac has been really great for us, customers just love them. great feedback. “walt mossberg is not hard to please.” 50% of iMacs have been sold with the superdrive. most requested thing. $1899 for the superdrive model. lowering price $100 to $1799. #1 request is for a larger display. new model with a 17” landscape display. Same viewing area as a 19” CRT. 1440x900 — 64% more pixels. cinema is only 1600x1024. most of a cinema display. in the cinema aspect ratio. upgraded graphics to nVidia GeForce4 MX. available in two weeks.

Thanks to everyone in the software gorups. these guys have worked hard. Thanks to everyone in the hardware groups. working around the clock. challenging times across the economy. competitors are laying off thousands. cause for despair if the computer is an HTML terminal. but no, it’s a rapid evolution to the center of digital lives. we’re investing and innovating our way thru the downturn. brightest future ever lies ahead.

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