Since Hyatt loves Blake so much, maybe he can get me a job at Apple. Or at least let me use his employee discount. I linked to your blog, you owe me!


David Hyatt’s first day at Apple is hilairous.

Congrats to UserLand for getting Salon to blog.

Sounds like they had a lot of fun at the DRM workshop the other day. “Preston Padden, v.p. of public policy for Disney, who called for government intervention in DRM because he didn’t see all sides coming to an agreement without a push. Comer retorted that he doesn’t think Hollywood will end its fascination with sex and violence without government intervention, either.”

I’m converting Blogspace over to Apache on this server (vorpal). Your DNS should be updated within 24 minutes. Please let me know if you see any breakage. (I’m still downloading the swhack stuff, so that will take a little longer.)

Weird archiving thought: run gzip dir/ > dir/archive.tgz every night (you’d get a directory with an archive of the directory with an archive of the previous directory with an archive …). I’m afraid I might have done this.

Rat out TIPS informants. I was thinking of signing up to be a TIPS informant and supply information on the horrible things Ashcroft and Bush were doing to divide and terrorize the nation.

I proposed a Python Lightning Talk for OSCON:

The Creative Commons project is trying to bring the same kind of less-restrictive-than-copyright licenses we see in software to other content while building a tagging system that allows licensed works to describe their license in a machine-readable form. Learn how to use a Python RDF API to parse this data so you can take advantage of it.

I wonder if I can do that in five minutes. I need to find a simple Python RDF API, I guess.

“Python plays a key role in our production pipeline. Without it a project the size of Star Wars: Episode II would have been very difficult to pull off. From crowd rendering to batch processing to compositing, Python binds all things together,” said Tommy Burnette, Senior Technical Director, Industrial Light & Magic.

Now all we need is a Python/Star Wars pun.

I’m converting LogicError over to a static site on this server (vorpal). Your DNS should be updated within 24 hours. Please let me know if you see any breakage.

Cryptome: Gilmore v. Ashcroft: Secret rule demanding ‘Your Papers Please’ claimed unconstitutional. Gilmore rocks!

The complaint makes great reading. “On July 4, 2002, Plaintiff tried to fly to Washington, DC to petition the government for redress of grievances [specifically, the requirement for airline travelers to provide identification] and to associate with others for that purpose. He was stopped because he refused to identify himself before boarding the flight.”

The FAQ is good too. His argument sounds really strong. “You can use free speech to say hurtful things. You can practice religions that make you cruel and intolerant. You can commit a crime and then avoid torture that would make you confess. You can petition the government to build a police state run on Oracle servers.” “Government-imposed searches waste as much life every year as the lifetimes that the attack wasted.”

Where has John Gilmore’s website gone? Did Verio succeed in censoring him?

Python one-liners are fun: ls | python -c "import sys, os
for line in sys.stdin: line=line.strip(); os.rename(line, line+'.html')"

Mark Bernstein reviews Rebecca Blood’s The Weblog Handbook: “Romance assures us that, though weblogs fail everywhere, our weblog will prosper because we, ourselves, are wonderful. Rebecca Blood’s The Weblog Handbook is an inexorably romantic guide to building and cultivating a weblog.”

From his description of the book I find myself continously drawn in and repelled. I’d like to learn how to capture the spirit of my life in my writing but at the same time I choke on comments like “If you allow yourself to begin posting entries based on what you think someone else wants you to write, you are missing the point of having a weblog.” As for child-stalkers, I put my home phone number and address up on my website and (thankfully) I haven’t received one phone call yet. I’m not worried. I think that in Bernstein’s categorization, my view on weblogs (and life) is comedy (“our weblogs can succeed through hard work, struggle, and good fortune”).

IMS OPENCOOKIE FACT: ‘While Brewster Kahle was still a student at MIT, he attended a lecture by Yvette entitled “ZweiBack: Crackers and Cookies for Posterity” which got the young computer scientist thinking. After he helped build the Thinking Machine and invented WAIS, Kahle returned to his true life’s work and opened The Internet Archive and his Wayback project.’

BTW, did you know that recipies have no copyright protection? I guess that makes every cookie an OpenCookie. And if people ask you how creative types can make money without copyright, just point them to Martha Stewart (or not).

Constrast: Furious Stallman, Furious Valenti [Seth]

May you move from strength to strength.

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