Auerbach Wins All! Woohoo!

Somehow I got on this list where NASA saids me illegal things there employees have done in messages with ALL CAPS subject lines and I can’t get off.

washort: | <— you must be smarter than this stick to ride the internet

The New McCarthyism [jwz] FWIW, I hope Bush is thrown out, Afghanistan wins and this “America” burns.

New color scheme for summer… er, something. It still is summer, isn’t it? Good taste in color choice is due to Ping. Bad taste in mixing is my own.

Am I the only one who doesn’t think an ‘interstate hallway’ is silly?

Has anyone found a description of how Palladium transfers content between computers? I think I figured out how to do it today, it’s not so tricky.

Oh, neat! Somehow I missed that TrackBack uses RDF. KUTGW guys. I wouldn’t worry about it not validating.

TimBL: What do HTTP URIs Identify?

I released the Creative Commons RDF specification to a select group of relevant people I could think of off the top of my head. If you’re interested and can keep a secret, then I probably just forgot to add you so let me know and I might send you a copy too.

The Alkindi Collaborative Filtering System is now in the public domain thanks to the !.COM program. I find it funny that the PDFs say “Confidential” at the bottom.

Carl Malamud can sure flame: “I’m not sure how an under-funded, over-extended .com in search of a business model provides a more stable operating environment than a team of engineers that has worked together for over a decade and has built some of the largest public infrastructure projects on the net.” [beat] It’s sad Carl has to fight for a decision that’s a no-brainer.

Wow, Ward Cunningham uses OS X and the Dive Into OS X Wiki. I guess you should too.

Hey Wes, Chimera 0.4 lets you turn off link underlining.

Welcome back, Mark.

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you can’t handle the x-height!

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