Lots of new O’Reilly books. I bought IP Routing today. There’s also IPv6 Essentials (the snail book!), OpenSSL, Creating Applications with Mozilla, HTTP: The Definitive Guide, VoIP, Mac OS X for Unix Developers, Learning Unix for Mac OS X. 10 OS X books.

seen on a .sig: “A day without sunshine is like a day in Seattle.” When I was at OSCON, a nice fellow from Aferro gave me a t-shirt that says ‘.sigs for the commons’ on the back.

Every day makes me want to move to California more. It seems like everyone is there. Kragen sure seems to be the center of attention. He appears on several diaries I read, including that of Seth Schoen. I wonder what it would like to live near cool and smart people like them. (Kragen has a dirary of his own, BTW.) Ping emailed saying he’s also a friend of Kragen’s. See! I have little intelligent face-to-face discussion outside my family these days.

Heh, the PSF holds meetings on IRC.

In the same spirit of my HTML hack (below) I put together a module that makes RDF more palatable to Python programmers. It uses RDFLib for the parsing and such. Here’s a simple example that prints out an RSS 1.0 item:

for item in channel[rss.items]:
    print item[rss.title], "(" + str(item[rss.link]) + ")"
    print item[rss.description]

Mark Bernstein, who soaks up more media than anyone I know has a list of hypertext movies.

Neat, David McGuire of the Washington Post for has some key points on each of the dot-org proposals. This is the first kind of summary of the proposals I’ve seen. I hope people do more, and more in-depth ones.

Based on some code of Ka-Ping’s I wrote a little Python HTML module that lets you create HTML files like this:

    title("This is a page.")), 
        h1("This is a page.", c="fool"), 
        p("This ", em('is'), " a paragraph.")

It needs some work still, but feel free to let me know what you think. Mark Pilgrim pointed me to HTMLgen. He also sent me pointers to a table example and a funny example from an article by Guido. It’s interesting but I think this is a little cleaner/simpler. Since the functions just return text you can add them together and create new functions for templates. Like:

def default(t, c): return html(
        link(rel="stylesheet", type="text/css", href="style.css")
        div(h1(t), id="banner"), 
        div(c, c="content"), 
        div(address(a("Aaron Swartz", href="http://www.aaronsw.com/")

I didn’t know there was a gnu.* series of newsgroups.

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