Google Search: “Although we’re proud of our products, services, and technology, nothing matches the pride we have in our staff.” (But what about the pride in your copywriters?) FAQ: “Not to be overly cruel or anything, but if you can’t cope with the level of insanity in the room, get out of the sanitarium.” That froup is absolutely swhacky.

Where are you, raelity bytes?

Carl Malamud on the UR{L,I,N,C} debates: “I attended some of the meetings where that was discussed (and discussed and discussed), but it always seemed more productive to go to the terminal room and load up my gopher server, leaving the religious debates to those who were already ordained.”

Ah, Ben is finally telling his side of the story. I didn’t realize his blog had moved to its own domain name.

NYTimes: Failures of the Bush Administration. “Where his father’s rhetoric gave us a thousand points of light, his lopped a thousand points off the Dow.” And this is the Times!

This Switchback flash animation is supposed to be a parody of the Switch ads but I found it quite reasonable. It’s sort of like the Think Different message (Macs are for cool people) in the style of the Switch ads (I’m a random joe who uses a Mac).

Fred von Lohmann: Fair Use and DRM

Here are your free Ogg Vorbises (Vorbisim?), hippy! They Might Be Giants - Older

A transcript of the new automated TIPS hotline.

Work on a URI spec update is starting. I’ll probably keep an eye on this, although there’s nothing very exciting or glamorous to do here.

What? You haven’t been following my other blog, the Google Weblog? Head over there now to check out this fun ASCII art using Google’s keyword highlighting feature. It’s
the new craze!

Quiet email day.

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