Boston Globe on “Knowledge Couplers”, computer-aided medical diagnosis. This kind of thing was discussed way back in Gelernter’s Mirror Worlds. Good to see it’s actually happening.

Ooh, new Irby videos. The best part is the name.

MacNN has some good Jaguar coverage. The iCal icon: I’m late!. Apple Shake.

I hate Avery Labels. I can never get them to print right. This time, stupid mistakes compounded to screw up five pages of business cards. Well, I’m not going to redo them so people better live with it. Fortunately, they’re not that bad. They look very sharp, otherwise.

Packing. Haircut. Business cards. Is packing three cameras and two laptops going overboard?

My web archive took up 8GB. Wow, lots of disk space free now.

Anyone have a good home or use for some Sun Netras, SGI Indys or a big telephone switch?

irc:// is heating up. Let me know if you need help getting on IRC. (more OSCON info, IRC logs)

The dive into publishing empire releases Dive Into Accessibility, a groundbreaking book on how to make your website more accessible using real people to keep you interested.

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