I’ll be heading to OSCON soon and I’d like to keep track of other bloggers. Let me know if you’ll be blogging the conference and I’ll add you here. I’ll also be linking in specific session summaries to the O’Reilly website grid.

Matthew Langham, Ask Bjoern Hansen, Jeremy Zawodny, Derek Balling, Kevin Altis, Rael Dornfest, Leonard Lin, Steve Mallett, Scott Johnson, Sam Ruby, Jim Winstead, Lisa Rein, Dan Gillmor, Doc Searls, JZip, O’Reilly, More O’Reilly.

Suspected: Mena Trott, Jon Udell, Matt Sergeant.

Again, send an email if you should be added to the list.

I see a lot of Movable Typers. Mena’s set up Trackback at OSCON.

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i’m not dead yet
you may already have one
loose clothes == loose morals
A cure for nearsightedness?
[insert something witty here]
OSCON Bloggers
everyone looks like me
plane day
free larry
Larry Lessig: Freeing Culture
Richard Stallman: Where This All Came From

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