randomfoo has MP3s from conferences sessions.

The TAP Software Kit has been released. TAP, if you haven’t heard, is a project to build the Semantic Web. They have some cool demos like Semantic Search.

Darnit. Bruce Perens is going to break the DMCA and I’m going to miss it.

Mena’s set up a Trackback at OSCON blog.

Salon Blogs are here. They’re running a Salon RCS. Congrats to UserLand. However, it’s not clear what they’re adding over the UserLand servers. Name brand coolness?

I’m here. They lost my reservation but I managed to get a room. By incredible luck I made the State of the Onion address, it was pretty good. Heh, even the people who carry bags here can code.

Alright, I’m leavng for the airport. See you in San Diego!

Ooh, master of cool Cory Doctorow likes my card. Sorry it was in PDF, I couldn’t get the cool fonts to anti-alias right any other way.

What? I have to pack clothes? Where’s my Rael Dornfest is the coolest! shirt? Hm, two laptops or one?

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loose clothes == loose morals
A cure for nearsightedness?
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