Jeremie Miller of Jabber has a weblog.

The Doctor (Demento) is in (on the radio).

The true story of the PING program, by it’s author. Even includes information on the famed book.

The latest drafts of the URI spec are being kept in CVS.

Publish your hashes while you can. A number of P2P systems are being developed that key off of the SHA1 hash of a file and use that to locate a copy. The one problem is that there’s no way to search for a file hash. One solution would be to put up web pages with some word (the name of the P2P system, for example) and “hash” that listed file information along with the SHA1 hash. So you’d have a table that mapped from “Radiohead - Kid A” to dc7cd111a1d8bee1e7b33b23b8c1924ead69a383. Scripts to make these would be easy to write. Then, when you wanted a hash you could just search Google for “p2pservicename hash radiohead kid a” and you’d probably get the answer within the first few results. This would be hard to shut down because they’d need to come up with lists of all the infringing pages which requires human involvement.

Argh! Just realized my mailer was wrapping my really cool .sig at 73 chars. I’ve taken out my last name to make it fit. :-(

Mike Cohen points out that iTunes 3 generates a ~/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music Library.xml file which has your music database in XML. Neat.

Woohoo! There’s a Zest SourceForge project and mailing list. Zest is the tool that makes cool mailing list archives like this sample from python-dev and this one from e-lang. Ooh, there’s even code and docs in CVS. I wonder what mailing lists I should try this on. I did a test on p2p-hackers but it’s not as useful as it could be because it chokes on the full archive (so I only did this month) and they’re munging the addresses so you don’t get the names displayed.

The peephole display movie by Ka-Ping is very cool. Combined with small gyroscopes (like those in the Media Lab dance shoe) and a hold-and-reposition button like the mouse has I think this could actually make PDAs useful and usable to me. (Yet another reason to go to Berkeley…)

Anyone else notice that iTunes 3 uses the new Jaguar tweaked UI elements? This seems odd to me because I thought that the UI elements were baked into the OS, not the app.

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